The Elementary program is for children ages 6 – 12 ( Grades 1 – 6) .  Children at this age exhibit an explosion of social and intellectual growth.  We not only focus on Academics, but also address the whole child.  

The Elementary program is dubbed Cosmic Education as we give children the cosmos.  Our subject areas of study are not learned in isolation, they are learned in parallel and are interwoven.  They  explore how things fit together, how the concepts they have learned intertwine with each other.  It is not enough that they learn, we care about how they learn.  By supporting their curiosity and desire for community, we encourage inquiry, investigation, collaboration, analysis and problem solving which lead to independent, creative, self-directed learners.  Chinese will continue to be a focus in our Elementary program.

Subject Areas:

  • Language (English and Chinese) : Writing, Reading, Oral Expression,  Poetry
  • Mathematics : Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra
  • History : Human history, World History, Local History
  • Geography : Global and Local
  • Science : Geology, Astronomy, Botany, Chemistry, Biology, Zoology
  • Music : Exploration, Rhythm, Dynamics, Pitch, Tone, Composition
  • Art : Technique, Colors, Textures, Mediums
  • Physical Education : Nutrition, Exercise, Collaboration, Trust, Sportsmanship
  • Practical Life : Cooking, Cleaning, Independence, Responsibility

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