hlimHan Fang Lim is our founder and Director of Education. She earned her Masters in Education from Loyola College,  Primary Montessori Certificate from the Washington Montessori Institute and Assistance to Infancy Montessori Certificate from Montessori Institute at San Diego. Before becoming a teacher Han Fang was an Environmental Engineer.  The road to becoming a teacher started during her first pregnancy. Thinking ahead, she read and considered many options for the education of her soon to be born son. She quickly realized the importance of childhood education. Finally she decided the Montessori education methodology was the choice for her children. She was so convinced of the effectiveness of the Montessori methodology that she decided to become a teacher. Han Fang is tri-lingual with fluency in English, Chinese-Mandarin and Malay. Her multilingual background reinforces her commitment to educating her children and her students in multiple languages.

Man FaiMan Fai Lau is our Head of School and lead Elementary guide.  He holds two Master’s degrees and two Montessori teaching certificates. Before becoming a Montessori teacher, Man Fai held a Master of Science degree in Computer Science and worked as a researcher at the renowned Bell Labs in the area of Network technologies .  After having children, he realized the importance of early education and his passion turned from technology to education.  He then earned his AMI Diploma for the Assistance to Infancy level (Birth to 3 years old) from The Montessori Institute of Denver CO and his AMI Diploma at the Elementary level (Grades 1 – 6) from Montessori Training Center of British Columbia along with a Master of Education degree from Vancouver Island University.  Man Fai is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.  He is committed to the philosophy of Dr. Montessori and multi-lingual education.

zhangLilin Zhang is our lead IC guide. She earned her AMI Diploma for the Assistance to Infancy level (age birth to 3) from the Montessori Training Center of British Columbia. Before becoming a lead guide, she worked at Tong Le as an assistant in the IC . Ms Zhang is dedicated to using the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori to help the children develop to their full potential.



msdongmeiMs DongMei is the mother of three wonderful children and a lead Primary Guide. She spent her life moving between China, Korea and America. She is multilingual, speaking English, Korean and Chinese. She spent a number of years teaching in traditional classroom settings before deciding to search for a better way to educate young children. After reading about the philosophy and methods of Maria Montessori she embarked upon her training at the Washington Montessori Institute to complete her Diploma at the 3 -6 level and subsequently received her Master of Education from Loyola University. After learning about Tong Le and their commitment to students, she enrolled her oldest son in the school. That positive experience with Tong Le as a parent brought her other children back and she decided to join the staff. She is looking forward to working with Children in such a diverse multicultural setting.

WeChat Image_20220906201543Muzi Jiang received her AMI Primary training from Montessori Institute San Diego.  Prior to receiving her certification, she was with Tong Le Montessori School for over 7 years as an assistant in the Nido, IC and Primary.  She believes every child has their own sparkling side. As a Montessori guide, she will work with children to discover themselves, to experience the joy of exploring and learning.