Our Nido program is for children from 6 weeks to 18 months old.  It is carefully designed to be safe, beautiful and orderly.

Our Nido room features

  • Natural light
  • Heated floors
  • Access to child sized toilets
  • Nursing chair for visiting mommies to nurse baby
  • Cloth Diaper service for school and home
  • Chinese Immersion (Only Chinese is spoken to the children)

Hours 8:30 – 3:30  with optional Before and After Care.

What We Do

What We Don’t

Encourage making sounds leading to speaking

Use pacifiers which prevent children from using their mouth and tongue to speak

Speak in adult language

Speak in baby talk

Encourage them to move around and safely explore their environment

Use containers or swaddle

Use cloth diapers, to encourage their knowledge of being wet and desire to stay dry

Use disposable diapers

Sleep on floor beds, so they can get on and off independently

Use cribs

Foster security within child, so they can feel safe and fall asleep on their own

Let them cry to sleep

Teach children to use regular cups and utensils

Sippy cups

Follow children’s natural progression to sit, crawl, walk

Use contraptions to aid sitting or walking