From the gardening pot to the lesson table

The peas that Ari’s mom Shefali donated to school are growing strong. Our students discovered four big fat peas this morning and so we took them to the class and learn about it.

We learn how the peas grow from seeds to pods, we looked for the flowers and seeds, we counted the seeds…though we really want to taste the peas but we don’t have enough for everyone, so we decided to germinate more peas and hopefully it grows more!!

This is what we have on the “observation table”, many children stopped by to observe it, they touched, they counted, they drew and they wrote about it. This is how we Montessori!

Thank you Shefali and Ari for the peas!

Happy Mother’s Day

The children worked together to make a gift for Mother’s Day.   The Primary children helped the IC children write on the cards.  The IC children spread glue and placed stickers to personalize their cards.  Working together, working at our skill level, helping those who need it.  That is how we Montessori!

Happy Mother’s from everyone at Tong Le!!!



Learning about the Violin

Our March Music presentation is learning about the Violin. Yiwen Lao Shi invited her friends, Koko Lao Shi to present and perform Humoresque by A Dvorak.

Our students learned about the part of violin and it’s function. They got to examined the part of the violin close up,  the children has a lot of fun!

A big Thank you to Miss Ko-en Shih (Koko) and Mr Ian Sims. They are a husband and wife team that operate Kismet Art Innovations.  They offer music lessons to children and adults alike.  They can be reached at  tel:443-574-5016.   Feel free to inquire with them about lessons for your child(ren).

Welcome Year of the Pig

Chinese New Years is one of the most significant holidays in the Chinese culture.  This year is the Year of the Pig.  We had a blast during our celebration.  We thank all the families that joined us.  Our students learn dances and songs to celebrate the New Year.  We had a wonderful time celebration with our students, their family and prospective families. We are very proud of our students who practiced and performed.  Some children practiced but did not want to perform, some did not want to perform at first but got up and joined in when the other children started.  There are many factors involved in the child’s choice to perform or not, it is their choice to make, we respect and follow the children’s choices of the moment.  That is how we Montessori!