What is Montessori Elementary School

Have you wondered what Montessori Elementary School is? I am sure you have heard me mention that Tong Le will start an Elementary program in Sept 2021.

I would like to tell you more. I want to tell you how the child’s mind is changing from “What is this, What is that” to “Why does this work this way, How is this related to that”. I will tell you how we engage their new mind with stories, impressions, and big work.

I would also like to show you what an Elementary classroom looks like and why it is designed that way.

We have scheduled 2 presentations for your convenience.
Sunday 3pm
Monday 8pm

Join us during the time slot that works best for you.

email for a virtual meeting invitation.

Class of 2020

It is with mixed emotions that we say goodbye to our 2019-2020 Graduates, Yohanna, Rouxin and Talia.  It has been a wonderful a year facing challenges and overcoming them. We are very proud of them and every one of their friends.

Yohanna and Talia have been with our school since our humble beginnings in Federal Hill when they were only one and a half.  It has been a privilege to see them grow and blossom over the past 5 years. 

We send our love and support to all our graduate as they take their next step into 1st grade. Although we say goodbye now, we hope to hear from you soon. Please write, please visit.  We would love to hear your stories.

Chinese New Years 2020

The Year of the Rat is coming soon.  In parts of China, it is customary to celebrate New Years Eve by making dumplings.  Dumplings are made to resemble blocks of gold used in the old days.  The custom signifies prosperity.

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At 童乐, we learn about culture by experience.  The children made dumplings at school and tasted their products too.  Wish you prosperity my young friends, that’s gold you are eating.

Preparing for our new Elementary Program

20191213_1638527038034052041939960.jpgFundraiser Thank you gift

We are very happy with our first Fundraiser.  Our families were excited to participate, the children made gifts to show their appreciation.

A great start to funding our new Elementary Classroom slated to start in Sept 2021.  Our Elementary program will continue our heritage of using authentic Montessori principles and Chinese Immersion.  Want to know more?  Come to our presentation on March 14 to learn more.  Bring a friend, free to all interested families, register here.