Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. I am interested in your program, what do I need to do next?
    • Signup for one of our scheduled tours.  These tours are scheduled together with our Parent Ed Presentations, where we talk about Montessori Theory or give Chinese Lessons to parents.  They are an opportunity for you to learn more about our teaching methods and chat with enrolled families.
    • OR contact us at info@tonglemontessori.com or 410 929 1628 to schedule a tour on an alternate date.
  2. What age children do you enroll?
    • We enroll children ages 6 weeks to 12 years.
  3. Can my child be enrolled for only 2 days a week?
    • No, sorry, we can not accommodate this type of enrollment.  The children need to attend 5 days a week to benefit from our program.
  4. Can our nanny drop off my child?
    • Yes.
  5. Who can my child to released to (picked up by)?
    • Your child’s security is our priority.  A child can be dropped of by someone not on our records, but a child can only be released to a person on record or our office have received written consent from the child’s legal guardian(s).  For example, if you normally pick up your child, but are not available one day and want a neighbor to pickup your child, then follow these steps:
      • communicate with your neighbor, send us a photo of their driver’s license, or give them a code.
      • email us this information.
      • when your neighbor pickup your child, we will ask for ID to match the information you provided and also the code you provided.  (please give a new code each time).
      • your child is released to your neighbor
  6. Does my child need to be potty trained to enroll.
    • We believe that by the time a child have developed the skills and maturity to participant in a learning environment such as a Montessori classroom, they are ready to learn to use the toilet.  We do not require IC candidates to be already using the toilet.  However we do require that they start to be trained at home using our methods. We will work with families to make this a smooth process.  Our classrooms are well equipped with child size toilets and sinks to encourage toilet usage.
    • Primary candidates need to already know how to use the toilet
  7. How do I get my child on the waiting list?
    • Schedule a tour with us by contacting our office at info@TongLeMontessori.com or 410 929 1628. You can get your child on our wait list after the tour.

If you have a question that is not on this list, please send an email to info@TongLeMontessori.com.

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