Program Half Day
8:30am – 11:30am
Full Day
8:30am – 3:30pm
NIDO Not Available Not Available
IC $9,150 $14,000
Primary $8,750 $13,500
Elementary Coming 2021 TBD

*Academic Year. Effective 3/29/2019. Subject to change without notice

*Our Nido Program is on hiatus.

Enrollment Period

TLMS operates from Sept to June school year (Academic Year).  Each student’s enrollment period is for the entire school year.  Before the end of the current school year, an offer to re-enroll for the following school year will be sent to each family.  Once accepted by both family and school, school and family are mutually committed to each other for that period.

  1. new students may enter our school in the middle of the Academic Year, as such, a new student’s first enrollment period is defined on a case by case basis

Enrollment Termination

Enrollment may be terminated anytime within the enrollment period.  Notice of enrollment termination must be communicated to TLMS in writing. No refund will be made for tuition that has already been paid.

Before and After Care Rates

Before and After Care can be purchased per school year, per calendar month or per occurrence.

Academic Year package must be purchased and paid in full at re-enrollment.
Monthly package expire at the end of the month for which payment is received.
Unused days are not transferable; “use it or lose it”.
After Care is not available to Half Day students.
Per Occurence Monthly Annual
Before Care 1 (7:00-8:30am) $32 $520 $3,743
Before Care 2 (7:30-8:30am) $14 $231 $1,664
Before Care 3 (8:00-8:30am) $7 $100 $713
After Care 1 (3:30-4:00pm) $6 $91 $654
After Care 2 (3:30-5:00pm) $18 $252 $1,818
After Care 3 (3:30-6:00pm) $45 $743 $5,346
Full Day Late Pickup (from 6:00pm) $45 + $1/Minute N/A N/A
Half Day Late Pickup (from 11:30) $1/Minute N/A N/A

Rate Lock Policy

Tong Le Montessori School believes in making long term commitments with families.  We want families to be able to predict their expenses.  Our Tuition Rate Lock Policy locks tuition rate at the time a student enrolls to a program until the student changes or exits the program.  For example, StudentA enrolls to the IC Half Day at $7,750 in 2015, in 2016 the rate changes, StudentA continues to pay $7,750 until he transitions to Primary or changes to IC Full Day, at which time he will pay and be locked to the new rate.  The Rate Lock Policy does NOT apply to Before and After Care.