Happy Year of the Rabbit

This year, we introduced the traditions of Chinese New Years by reading a book “过年啦” (it’s Chinese New Year). It is an adaptation by Ms Han and Jiang lao Shi to include Montessori philosophies and teaching styles. The book is about what we would encounter during New Years. For example different types of fruit, dragon dance, fire crackers….We used the book to springboard to expand vocabulary, hands on activities. Our Dandelion, Carnation, Sun Flower children made steamed buns, dragon crafts etc. Sunflower also made ginger rice tea, and other treats. The videos shows some activities and the children acting out parts of this book.

Our elementary students learned a song, 成语拜年,4 character Chinese idioms used as a greeting during CNY. They did various crafts including writing 福字贴 Chinese couplets with Chinese calligraphy brush.  Some made presentations about various aspects of Chinese New Years, for example what do children do, how were the years named, what we do inside and outside the house. And we couldn’t go through New Years without some loud festive sounds. They learned a drumming routine as a group. They were invited to open for the Baltimore Chinese School Spring Gala with their drum performance. It was a wonderful experience for the children to perform on such a big stage. They had a great show!

Happy New Year!!

Welcome Year of the Rabbit
Drum Performance

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