Where Do Our Alumni Go

Where Do Our Alumni Go

Our alumni transition to a variety of schools.  Some prefer their neighborhood public schools while others go to private schools.  Where ever they go, a part of Tong Le will always be at their side.
MB 4 Riderwood Elementary School Public Our child was accepted to the private schools to which we applied and was assessed as beyond grade level. She has adjusted seamlessly socially and academically to her new school environment. We have loved our experience at Tong Le!
Alejandro… F 4 Gilman Private He was also accepted to Calvert, McDonough, Park. Wait listed at the Greenmount School (this is such a small school and lower cost than the others and has a LOT of siblings applying).
Oliver Wu 3 Friends School of Baltimore Private This was our first choice school, and Oliver was assessed beyond grade level. We had a wonderful experience at Tong Le.
Atman Akshar Patel 4.5 Francis Scott Key Elementary Public
MK 3 First English Lutheran Preschool, then The GreenMount School Private older sibling attends The GreenMount School
Lucy Dworak-Fisher 3 Federal Hill Prep Public Lucy was extremely well prepared for elementary school and still maintains the curiosity, work habits, and love of learning that were instilled in her during her early experience in your nurturing environment.
Ava Lee Geyer 5 The New Century School Private