Happy Mother’s Day

The children worked together to make a gift for Mother’s Day.   The Primary children helped the IC children write on the cards.  The IC children spread glue and placed stickers to personalize their cards.  Working together, working at our skill level, helping those who need it.  That is how we Montessori!

Happy Mother’s from everyone at Tong Le!!!



Welcome Year of the Pig

Chinese New Years is one of the most significant holidays in the Chinese culture.  This year is the Year of the Pig.  We had a blast during our celebration.  We thank all the families that joined us.  Our students learn dances and songs to celebrate the New Year.  We had a wonderful time celebration with our students, their family and prospective families. We are very proud of our students who practiced and performed.  Some children practiced but did not want to perform, some did not want to perform at first but got up and joined in when the other children started.  There are many factors involved in the child’s choice to perform or not, it is their choice to make, we respect and follow the children’s choices of the moment.  That is how we Montessori!


3 Exciting Summer Camps for Children Age 2 Through 12

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Tong Le is offering various themed Summer Camps for children age 2 through 12.   Get more information here.  More camps to come, check back often!

At this time, Tong Le is offering (with more in the works)
Full Immersion class designed by certified Montessori teachers to teach the young children to speak Chinese.  Though not fully Montessori, all aspects of the class are Montessori inspired.
Designed and lead by Baltimore Chinese School teachers, explore Chinese language and culture at this fun camp.

Full STEAM Ahead! (age 6 – 12)

Designed and lead by a Montessori and a public school teacher.  This is a hands-on, project based  program for children to learn Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.

More camps in the works.
Chess, Music, Robotics, Computing Coding……
More details and applications can be found on their website