Spring Happenings

Every year we have bi-annual Parent Days, where we invite parents to come into the classroom and be the child’s student. It is a great way for parents to see and experience the work of the children. Unfortunately we are not able to do that in person. We have these videos instead. Enjoy!!

Bringing Yoga Home

Little N.B. from our Primary class does Yoga in school and he wanted to teach daddy. Its wonderful to see children bringing classroom activities home. Thank you, daddy B for being such a wonderful student. Its a great way learn about your child’s day without “what did you do in school today?”.

Monarch Butterflies

The life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly is a wonderful event for the children to experience. They witness one of the wonders of life as it happens, taking in the changes as the caterpillar grows, enters the various phases of metamorphosis and eventually turn into a butterfly. They gain so much from this experience: patience, observation, appreciation of life, beauty. This sparks their interest in other work around the classroom: writing, coloring, crafts, stories… This is how we Montessori.

We had such a wonderful time observing the Monarch first hand, we did not want you to miss out. We made a short video for you, enjoy! https://youtu.be/dkcXb6vZGXE