Happy Mother’s Day

Our students work hard to present mommies with the gift they made for Mother’s Day. We hopeful all mommies like the gift they made.

Our IC children dyed tissues papers and we turned them into flower bouquets. A “Happy Mother’s Day” card was handwritten by our beginner writers in Primary class to go with the bouquets.

Our Primary children made a potted flower.

All writers in Primary wrote stories about their mommy either with movable alphabet or pencil.

Our writers copied poems and shared them with children who haven’t learned to write yet.

A contribute to all the mommies with a song. 有你就幸福 Blessed to Have You.

What has eight legs and….

What has eight legs and can jump 30 to 40 times its own length?

~ a jumping spider!

What has eight legs and eight eyes to help it catch insects?

~a wold spider!

What has eight legs and is the biggest and hairiest of spiders?

~ a tarantula!

What has eight legs, can walk on water, and catch fish to eat?

~ a fishing spider!

What has eight legs and is a shiny black color with a red “hourglass” shape on it’s abdomen?

~ a black widow spider!

What has eight legs, two big eyes, and hanging together with two bats?

~ the spider that I painted!!!!

Spiders have 8 legs, 8 eyes. Is it necessarily scary? Not to everyone! So why do we fill our children’s head that it is scary. Why give them a first impression that pushes them away from learning about this animal? Why close the door of their curious mind? We teach facts, encourage learning and exploration. The children can decide for themselves whether spiders are scary or not. This is how we Montessori!

Happy Halloween!

Our 2020 Halloween theme is “occupation”. We thank parents and students for preparing wonderful costumes and speeches to share with the class. We have a construction worker telling us about his work, a mail man delivering mail to his classmates, a soccer player that is brave, two veterinarians who take care of animals, an engineer who makes cars, a fire fighter who puts out fires, a soldier that protects, a farmer who has a barn full of animals, a teacher who teaches and many students who love to learn. This is how we Montessori during Halloween!

Children writing about their profession.

Eco-friendly, non-waste Jack-O-Lanterns made of up-cycled newspaper.

Our wonderful professionals

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival is also called the Moon Festival or the Mooncake Festival. It traditionally falls on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese lunar calendar, which is in September or early October in the Gregorian calendar. TLM celebrate today with lots of lanterns…

Lanterns have been associated with the festival since the Tang dynasty, it symbolized harvest and prosperity. During this festival, lanterns of all size and shapes, are carried and displayed – as beacons to light our way to prosperity and good luck.

From the gardening pot to the lesson table

The peas that Ari’s mom Shefali donated to school are growing strong. Our students discovered four big fat peas this morning and so we took them to the class and learn about it.

We learn how the peas grow from seeds to pods, we looked for the flowers and seeds, we counted the seeds…though we really want to taste the peas but we don’t have enough for everyone, so we decided to germinate more peas and hopefully it grows more!!

This is what we have on the “observation table”, many children stopped by to observe it, they touched, they counted, they drew and they wrote about it. This is how we Montessori!

Thank you Shefali and Ari for the peas!