Tour and Parent Ed Presentations

Tours and Parent Ed Presentations

We strongly encourage parents to visit our school and speak with our staff prior to enrollment.  We will be happy to explain our teaching methods and tell you about the values we teach the children.
We have scheduled tours along with our Parent Ed Presentations.  After the tour, prospective parents have the opportunity to attend our presentation and to socialize with our current enrolled parents.  Register for the tour and presentation here and below.
9:00am – 10:00am Tour
10:0am – 11:30am Parent Ed Presentation

Sept 15 2019 Montessori Theory Spoken Language
Oct 26 2019 Montessori Theory Written Language
Dec 7 2019 Montessori Theory Independence
Jan 11 2020 Montessori Theory Math
Feb 1 2020   Chinese New Year Celebration
Mar 14 2020 Chinese Lessons Cooking
Apr 4 2020 Montessori Theory Montessori Elementary School
May 16 2020 Montessori Theory Food
Jun 6 2020 Chinese Lessons TBD

Tours are also available by appointment emailing us at or call 410 929 1628.

In order for us to focus on the parent’s questions during the tour, we ask that children visit our school at a later time.  Children’s first impressions are very pronounced, we want to pay proper attention to the children when they visit.  During the Student Orientation, the focus is placed on the children, they will have a chance to see and become familiar with the school before their first day of class.