Skeleton Fun!


My bones make up my skeleton, Which is the frame of me. 

And though you cannot see them, my bones move easily. 

For i can leap and twist and creep, and run and sway and jiggle, 

and bend and slide and hop and glide, 

and bounce and roll and wiggle! 

October is a great month to learn about bones. For our children get to see Halloween skeleton everywhere. It could be frightening for children to see skeleton based on the first look, but it became fun when they learned that skeleton is part of our body, and it protects our organ and brain. 

My favorite moment of this lesson is when we discussed about the function of every part of our bones.  For example, when i talked about the “skull” is meant to protect the brain, one child raised her hand and said: ” the brain help you think and make you smart”. Immediately, the next child said to others: ” i am smart, i have brain in my skull”.  I also heard children reminding each other to “move your pelvis!” when hula-hooping at the playground. 

As we put together a skeleton puzzle together in the class, our children learned about the following parts of skeleton: skull, rib cage, spine, humerus, ulna, radius, pelvis, femur, tibia, fibula, hand bones, foot bones etc.  

Watch out for skeleton smile!

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Do you have a skeleton smile?

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