Halloween 2019

Halloween 2019.jpg

We celebrate Halloween a little differently here at Tong Le.  We learn about the pumpkin.  We learned that we eat the pumpkins pulp, and that the pumpkins grow on a vine. We learned the name of the parts in the pumpkins such as stem, rind, fibrous strand, blossom end etc.   The children were hands-on, they scooped the seeds out, felt the slimy and stickiness of the seeds and the juice.  We cut the pumpkin into cubes, roasted it and the seeds, they taste great.
On Halloween day, children wore clothing from around the world, Mexico, Canada, Jewish, Puerto Rico, Polish, Indian, Chinese, Irish, African, Italian, English and all the while being Americans! We learned about the continents these countries are located, recognized the flags that represent the countries. Older children drew flags and labeled them, writers wrote about their Halloween experience. The whole class sang a song about children of the world, to accept everyone as they are, and to be kind to everyone.
Halloween 2019 NCL.jpg

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